Dipkar in Ho Chi Minh City – On the cold nights in August, Dipkar members delivered 229 blankets to sick children and their caretakers in pediatric wards such as neurology, nephrology, tumor - hematology, burn, infection control in Pediatrics Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The nights seemed to become warmer thanks to these blankets of love and compassion.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi My, a medical staff, told us that she has worked here for 2 years and has long considered this hospital as her second home where the sick children always welcome her with warm smiles, giving her immense impetus in life. Her love for the little patients here warmed our hearts.

Dipkar’s program entitled “Blankets of Love and Compassion” received sincere welcome from the medical staffs like Mrs Nguyen Thi My as well as families of sick children who helped us deliver those blankets to the needy at the soonest.

Notably, the success of this program can be attributed to Dipkar members’ great efforts and especially invaluable sponsorship from external sponsors who kindly give us financial and human support. We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards these sponsors for their support.